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Upgrade to a Smart Controller and Get 3 Years Monitoring FREE!

Hydrawise Wireless
Hunter HC Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller

M.A.G. Irrigation, Inc. is excited about the new series of Hydrawise Smart Controllers offered by our partners at Hunter Industries. These feature-packed, cutting-edge controllers not only offer our customers complete control over their irrigation systems from anywhere in the world but also pair up nicely with smart home hubs like Google Home and Alexa! Maintaining your system has never been easier, and, for advanced users, fine granular tuning of your system is a few swipes away thanks to an easy-to-use and attractive app for your phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Now, for a limited time, M.A.G. Irrigation is offering our customers the chance to upgrade to one of these new smart controllers AND receive three years of system monitoring FREE. This allows us to access your system remotely and address any technical issues to ensure your system is running at peak performance. This saves you time and money and avoids service calls in situations where issues are “controller-based”. One call to M.A.G. and we’re able to access your system immediately and get you up and running in no time!

If you’re interested, contact our offices today to set up an appointment for an upgrade! We will be glad to answer any questions and address all concerns.

Note: Smart Controllers require a reliable Wi-Fi signal, so, in some cases, inexpensive Wi-Fi extenders may be required to ensure that your controller is always receiving and transmitting data. These can be purchased at most electronics stores, online, and through your local cable company.