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July is Smart Irrigation Month

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July is Smart Irrigation Month! Now that we’re halfway through the month, and the temperatures are rising, it’s now more important than ever to conserve water and make your system as cost-efficient as possible without sacrificing the beauty of your lawn and ornamentals!

Be sure to adjust your watering schedule to make up for the dry, hot days and lack of rainfall! Remember, watering in the early AM and late afternoon hours will give water a chance to soak into the ground and hydrate your thirsty lawn!

Also, consider our new Smart Controllers from Hunter, which not only give you the benefit and convenience of adjusting your system from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere but also receive up-to-the-minute weather information so that your system only runs when it needs to! Paired with a standard rain sensor unit, these Smart Controllers are the best way to conserve water, save time, and enjoy the benefits of your underground lawn sprinkler system!