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Lost Your Old Irrigation Company? M.A.G. is here to Serve You!

We’ve received a lot of requests from customers of other irrigation companies who have either changed hands or gone out of business for service, maintenance, and upgrades to their systems. M.A.G. is now accepting customers who have lost their previous providers for turn-ons/winterizations and service. Contact us today and don’t […]


Thank you for a wonderful 2023! M.A.G. Irrigation, Inc. would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and we look forward to serving you in 2024 and beyond. Our offices are currently closed for the winter, but we do check in for messages and the website […]

We are Currently Accepting Estimates for 2024 Installations!

As we finish up our season we are now looking ahead to 2024!! Get a jump on next season and get your estimate requests in today to secure your spot!

The Dog Days Are Here! How to “Summerproof” Your Lawn!

Ah, yes. It’s that time again, folks. The point during the summer when your initial enthusiasm and joy at the warming temperatures of June gives way to a desire to take refuge inside your air-conditioned home and wait out July and August until the relief of early fall. While we […]

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Lawn Tips to Spring You Into Summer!!!

As the harsh New England winter finally fades away, our customers at M.A.G. Irrigation, Inc eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, and look ahead to a gorgeous summer of lush, green lawns and a bounty of beautiful ornamentals! Of course, for best results, you’re going to have to get your […]

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Notifications are En Route!!

Notifications for Spring Turn-Ons are going out and will continue to be sent out until May 19th. Please be patient. Our notices are sent out based on the order of area of service. If you’re an existing customer and have not received your notification, rest assured, it will arrive soon! […]

Service Area Reminder!

For many years, M.A.G. Irrigation, Inc. proudly serviced much of southeastern New England, including Rhode Island, but a few years back, we had to make the tough decision to cease servicing Rhode Island. However, due to the way both Google and Yelp! map their service areas, parts of Rhode Island […]

Currently Accepting Estimate Requests for Late Fall 2022 Installations!

We are currently filling up our Fall Estimates appointment book, and are now doing estimates for systems installing in late Fall of this year! Get your Estimate Requests in soon if you want to get a jump on next Spring!!!

We Are Now Accepting Estimate Requests!

As of 7/11/22 we will resume accepting estimate requests! Please submit using our Estimate Request form, and we will contact you in the order in which they are received!

Estimate Requests on Hold!

Due to overwhelming demand, as of 6/6/22 we are no longer accepting estimate requests. We will reevaluate our situation in the coming weeks and determine when we will be able to accept new estimate requests at that time. Thank you for your understanding!