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Sure, Your Grass Looks Great, NOW…But How Will It Look in August?

Welcome to the wettest (and one of the coldest) Julys on record! It seems that for every warm sunny day this month, we’ve had 3 dark, dreary, and rainy ones! Now that’s great news for your grass and your water bill because Mother Nature still think’s she’s in May for some reason, but this won’t last forever, and, soon, the hot, dry, and burning sun of Summer 2021 is going to rear its ugly head! If you already have an irrigation system, well, you’re all set, but, for those of you thinking that this is the…ahh…”new normal” (man, I hate that phrase), it’s looking like August and September have other plans in store! While M.A.G. is still getting caught up with this season’s overwhelming demand for new installations, we are still accepting estimate requests for late-fall and early 2022 system installs, so get on the list today!!

Hey Alexa, when’s it going to stop raining?

Meanwhile, for our existing customers, guess what? July is “smart irrigation month”, which, this year, seems like a bit of a bad joke, but it’s actually not a bad time to think about upgrading to some of the “smart technology” that’s been taking the industry by storm! From new smart controllers from Hunter to moisture sensors and fantastic apps that allow you the ultimate in granular control over your system, M.A.G. has it all, and is ready to help you take a bold step into the future of irrigation! Contact us today if you’re ready to make the leap!!