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Summer is Finally Here (We Think)….

Well it looks like Spring and Summer got their dates mixed up, and the April Showers kept on going all the way into June, but, judging by the forecasts (and the blazing sun outside) summer has finally arrived. I know what you’re thinking. Your grass looks pretty good right now, right? All thick and lush and green; it couldn’t possibly need a drink after what seemed like two months of constant watering. But believe you me, things are going to dry out in a hurry, and that’s when your irrigation system is going to come in and keep that grass looking spring-fresh!

Starting off, you may want to ease into the watering schedule a bit seeing as how we got such an unusual amount of rain. You can roll back your times a smidge, maybe add an extra off-day in there, and conserve some water seeing as how the soil’s pretty saturated right now. You don’t want to overwater! As we get closer to July and the dog days, however, you’ll want to adjust as needed if you want your grass to look as luxurious and verdant as it does now! If you have questions about your controller or recommended settings you can always contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

With a lot of rain comes the threat of moisture-thriving weeds, fungus, and the dreaded moss! Weed and Feed is a must (if you haven’t used it already), and keep an eye out for any fungus or mossy patches (both easily treated but, for best results and less hassle, treat it early).

Your lawn probably looks great right now, and, with the help of your underground lawn sprinkler system from M.A.G. Irrigation, it can continue to look great right through the hottest, driest months of the year!!