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Spring is Here! Finally!

IMG_20151014_071315998_HDRHere at M.A.G. Irrigation, we’ve had to hold off on this for the last couple of weeks because, well, Mother Nature wasn’t paying attention to the calendar apparently (especially over the southcoast and Cape Cod), but it looks like Spring is finally here in Southern New England! Our service crews are hitting the road for Spring Turn-Ons, and our expert lawn sprinkler installers have completed the first of many irrigation system installations that were requested over the winter!

Now that the snow’s finally melted away, it’s time for you to make sure your lawn is ready! Southern New England winters are notoriously damaging to lawns, and, while this previous winter was a mild one, you’ll still want to do some repair work and a bit of preventative maintenance before you start watering this season!

Be sure to remove any dead or damaged grass, seed any bare patches, and lay down some quality fertilizer (I’m a weed and feed sort of guy, myself)! Aeration works wonders, as well, so if you’ve got the tools for the job, it’s worth going the extra mile to give your grass access to the air, water, and nutrients essential for healthy roots!

Existing members of the M.A.G. family will want to check their irrigation system’s controller settings and make sure to adjust them to levels appropriate for early spring! With temperatures still cool and the higher-than-average rainfall of April, you’ll want to make sure to cut back on watering times/days to conserve water!

Remember; a little extra TLC goes a long way with your lawn, and your extra attention now will pay big dividends this summer!