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Winterization: Too Late? Too Early? Just right!

Recently we’ve had some customers ask us about their winterization dates and their concerns about the weather and its effects on their systems. At M.A.G. we spend a great deal of time putting together our winterization schedules based on region, current forecasts, as well as the usual weather patterns that occur in our neck of the woods, so we do our best to assure every one of our customers that when we schedule them for a turn-off, it’s well-within the “safe period” before the cold of winter freezes the ground.

Some of our customers who have recently had systems installed to take advantage of the perfect growing weather will have their shut-off times scheduled later than others so that their grass has time to grow and establish strong roots before winter. The rest of our customers, with well-established lawns are scheduled in accordance with the route system we’ve developed to make sure we can service as many customers in a certain region in a timely and efficient manner.

If you’ve got a late date for winterization, please rest assured that, in the thirty-plus years we’ve been in the business, we’ve never failed to turn off all of our customers’ systems before the winter freeze. While seeing a morning frost is a disconcerting thing to a new system owner, bear in mind that, for the ground to freeze enough to cause damage to the pipes below, we would need constant freezing temperatures for more than a few days in a row, and we don’t usually see that until well into December ’round these parts! So take advantage of these warm October days and let those roots get good and strong so that, next spring, your lawn comes roaring back to life, healthy, happy, and more resilient than ever!

As always, we appreciate your patronage and are here to serve you!